Flareia (flareia) wrote in panickedstudent,

D; Ello.

Hii. ;_; I hope people still visit here. I'm 17, a high school senior (12th grade) and living in California.

I'm taking Math 150 (college calculus and taught by a professor, but still on high school campus), which is pretty crazy for a high school student. I took this course because of the advantages it had, but I am INCREDIBLY weak in that class. I barely passed the first semester and the second semester will just be even harder (I don't see a good chance of passing this time either). I'm not much into tutoring just because of interaction or laziness, I don't know. I'm not sure if I am able to switch out of that class because my stupid school has been a hardass with changing schedules (I would have taken AP Stats instead). I guess I'm not putting much effort than I should, but it's still a really difficult class. I absolutely feel stupid and slow in there =\ Also, I don't really talk much with the other 10 students in there. I know maybe a few people are struggling, but I think I am the one with the lowest grade or have the most difficulty in there. Meh, it's worse when I have to solve a problem up on the everytime I go up on the board and wasting everyone's time by doing it wrong or not knowing how to do it.

ANYWAY, my teacher decides to sit me next the smartest guy in the class so he could help me understand better (or get a good grade, depends on how you see it). Whether this will work, who knows. I was kinda insulted and embarrassed. I feel such a burden on him. I mean he's a nice, intelligent guy with like ubur great qualities, but I dunno.. I just feel like an inferior. And I don't like asking/talking to people and bother them with my troubles. Meh, it's just going to be an awkward rest of the year because I'll end mostly quiet. I bet he'll a greater impression how odd I am. I'm kinda helpless in a way..

I'm also struggling in AP Bio. D; Deathy.

I know I might have some good qualities, but they are relatively small. I'm not social (or at least get along with others) or look somewhat happy. And now I can't even be smart =|
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