teacup. (myrags) wrote in panickedstudent,

textbooks for sale!

Hello everyone. Sorry if this isn't allowed... I'll delete it if so. Basically I have a load of lovely A-level textbooks for sale, and I thought this was a good place to advertise them. I know everyone's just finished their A-levels but some of you might have just done AS-levels or GCSEs and want to prepare for next year. Or you might be at university and want some extra textbooks. So... they're for SOCIOLOGY AS/A2 LEVEL, PSYCHOLOGY AS/A2 LEVEL and THEATRE STUDIES AS-LEVEL. They're 5 years old, and I'm not sure how much the curriculum has changed since then, but these books hold so much information I'm sure they are still of great use. University students would get a lot out of them as well.

I know how expensive textbooks can be and so I'm not going to charge the world for them. Most of the money will be to cover p&p, as the majority of these books are quite large and weigh a lot. So it's worth asking if you need any for next year!!

Is anyone interested?
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