Becky (burningxkisses) wrote in panickedstudent,

Heeeelllllppp. :[

So up until this year, math was easily my best subject, I was a straight A student, popular [to an extent], and I had plenty of time to do other stuff. But now, my first year of highschool [yeahh, I'm a little froshie], and everything is changed. I'm in 3 honors classes [the most you can take in your freshman year], and math is now one of my worst subjects. In second marking period I even got my first C in math, and it was my first all around end-of-marking-period C. Physics is probably tied with math as my worst, but I've managed to pull off a B in it every marking period so far. I think a large part of it is how I really don't know how to try, as ridiculous as it sounds; everything has always come so naturally to me up to this year. And, despite what I think of as my efforts, I still suck at school and I feel like I have no time for anything. I think it's largely due to stress, and my parents definitely don't help the matter. My mom is always telling me to get good grades and be involved in everything, yet when my time is consumed by this she is not happy because I seem to have no life. I need help in managing my time and maybe even some study skills, just all around advice.

Stressssssssed Froshie.
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